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Brass mail slots

brass mail slotsSalsbury manufactures solid brass mail slots for residential door mail delivery. We offer standard and deluxe models. All mail slots are made of solid brass and are available in antique, brass or chrome finishes. Standard and deluxe mail slots are approved for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery. Master postal lock not required.

Two (2) piece standard mail slots have a spring-loaded flap for the front of a wall or door and inside trim for the rear. Standard mail slots are available in two (2) sizes, letter size (#4035) and magazine size (#4045).

Salsbury deluxe mail slots are hand-crafted from solid brass with the word "MAIL" cast into the flap. Heavy duty tamper proof brass bolts secure the front and back frames to each other from the rear and accommodate doors and walls from 1-1/4"- 1-7/8" D. Each of the three (3) castings is a 1/4" thick.

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